Bedrooms often feature carpeting, but a hardwood floor can be a stylish option for this space. Hardwood flooring is ideal because it is both durable and stylish. The material usually provides a neutral base, so that any décor style works. However, maximize the beauty of hardwood with complementary décor.

Safari Bedroom

Does your bedroom décor take a walk on the wild side? Wood flooring is a good complement to the safari style because it is a natural material. One attractive option is having the wood floor ebonized while allowing the natural grain of the wood show through. With this floor, the décor can be equally bold. For instance, consider shades of cream for the bedding. Add details such as a zebra print rug or wall hanging. Include deep green in accessories such as lamps or vases. To add cohesion to the décor, include some African-inspired pottery or baskets.

Contemporary Chic

Perhaps your bedroom style is more sleek and modern. Ebonized wood provides a stark backdrop for this décor as well. However, consider warming up the palette with a hardwood such as cherry or golden oak. You can still have furniture with the clean lines and glossy surfaces typical of contemporary design. A warmer wood coloring simply gives the bedroom a slight homey feel.

Eclectic Finds

Have you traveled a lot or collected funky finds at antique stores? If that's the case, you want your curios to take center stage. A walnut floor stained light is an attractive option. Walnut features lots of variation in the grain, giving the wood a textured look. For furnishings, either opt for painted wood or a color from the wood grain.

Consider placing your travel or antique store items in tableaux. For instance, hang a collection of trays or painted plates on the wall. Alternatively, place a large curio in the center of a table and cluster smaller items around. For example, start with an antique clock, place a few pictures around it, include an antique book, and finish the look off with one or two candles.

Green Bedroom

Don't think the color green, but rather a bedroom featuring sustainable materials. An excellent foundation for this type of bedroom is bamboo. According to Better Homes and Gardens, bamboo only takes five to six years to grow up to 80 feet tall. Bamboo flooring provides a neutral base, so consider layering on other natural materials such as wicker, unbleached cotton and rattan. Antique finds complement this design, too, since the epitome of sustainability is reusing what's already been manufactured.

Hardwood flooring is a versatile material that provides a stylish foundation for your bedroom decorating style. For more information, contact local decorators or floorers (such as Towne Interiors).