The two most common flooring options are hardwood and carpet. Many homeowners will rip their carpets up to replace them with hardwood floors because this decision is often expected to increase the home value. However, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing between hardwood floors and carpets.


Hardwood floors are often considered to be more prestigious than carpeting. This is partially because hardwood floors are not considered to be as widespread as carpets. Also, depending on the wood selected, the hardwood flooring can create a striking image. Most home buyers and renters prefer hardwood floors over carpets.

Easier to Clean the Floor

Carpets can be difficult to clean because of the way in which they absorb dirt and dust. Carpets need to be vacuumed, which is more time-consuming. In contrast, hardwood floors simply need to be swept. However, they will also need to be polished. When you have an allergy problem, the allergens are more likely to absorb into the carpet and exacerbate your symptoms. You can use a hot water extractor and a special allergen cleaning chemical to correct this problem, but this is more of a hassle. Hardwood floors do not have this problem.

Less Germs and Contaminants

Also, carpets can hold lots of germs. If there is a flood or if something is spilled on the carpet, such as urine, the carpet will likely hold onto those germs unless it is sanitized, steam cleaned, or replaced with new carpet. Then, when lying on or crawling on the floor, it is easier to accidentally come in contact with these germs. Those who have pest problems and who use pesticides are more likely to have the pesticides absorb into the carpet.

Fewer Stains

If you spill a liquid on a hardwood floor, the protective coating will keep the stain from permeating into the wood. You can simply mop up the stain. However, if you have a stain on the carpet, it can be much more difficult to remove the stain and might require special cleaning chemicals.

Ease of Installation

It is easier to rip up a carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring than the other way around. Also, laminate (composite or faux wood) and engineered wood flooring is easy to install because the pieces can snaps together like a puzzle; however, keep in mind solid wood flooring is a little harder to install because of sanding. Talk with National Carpet Mill Outlet for more information on hardwood flooring.