Are the stained and scratched-up countertops in your kitchen in need of a more appealing upgrade? If you want to make sure that you are satisfied with the replacement countertops, purchasing ones that are constructed out of granite is the way to go. In this article, you find out the worthiness of granite countertops to get an idea of if they are what you want in your kitchen.

Is it Easy for Granite Countertops to Get Stained?

You will actually never have to worry about dealing with unappealing stains if you invest in getting a sealant placed on your granite countertops. You may not even need a sealant on the granite, depending on the quality that you opt for. The only area of the countertops that might get stained is the small cracks between each slab of granite where sealant is used. The sealant can get stained, but it depends on what kind is used when the countertops is installed by the contractor. You can recommend that a sealant is used that is able to resist stains.

Do Granite Countertops Require a Lot of Maintenance?

Keeping granite countertops in a good condition does not require a lot of maintenance. Basically, you only need to be careful about the type of products that are used to clean the countertops. Never use cleaning products on the granite that are abrasive, such as powders that can possibly cause scratches when rubbed on the countertops. You should clean up spilled liquids as soon as the accidents happen. Simply use a cotton washcloth and nonabrasive detergent to wipe off the countertops. You can also get the granite polished if the countertops become dull after you have had them for a while.

How Much Money is Required for Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are sold in different qualities, which means the price will vary. If you want your granite countertops to be thick, you should be prepared to spend $150 or less per square foot. If you are not concerned about the thickness or quality of the granite, you can get your countertops for as little as $4 per square foot. Even the lower-quality granite countertops will give you satisfactory results in your kitchen that makes the investment worthy of your money. Get in touch with a contractor as soon as you can to get rid of the old countertops that are detracting from the beauty of your kitchen!