Redesigning the interior or your home and giving it an updated look can be expensive but there are ways to save a little money and still get that new look, not everything thing in the design needs to be changed. For instance, refreshing the current furnishings with new fabrics or even covers is a great way to add a new look without the cost of replacing them. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling on your home rehash.

Choosing Colors The Will Showcase The Room

If you are going to create an entirely new look for the room, take the time to pick a color that will stand out but not overpower everything else in the room. A bright color might be nice if your design can support it, but bright red walls and soft tones on the furnishings might not be the best combination. Try and select colors for everything in the room at once for a more cohesive design.

Using Slipcovers For a New Look

Depending on your budget, replacing furnishing like a couch, chair or loveseat might not be feasible. The most inexpensive solution is to have a custom slipcover made from a fabric that you feel fits into your design or plan. The great thing about slipcovers is that they can be removed and replaced with different ones or to be cleaned if they require it. Keep in mind, not all fabrics are machine washable so if you want covers that can be quickly thrown in the wash, check the care instructions for the fabric you will be using before committing to it.

New Upholstery For A New Look

If you want a more permanent look and feel to your furnishing, you could spend a little more money and have them reupholstered. You can still choose the fabric and get that design you desire but with more durability. You do lose the flexibility of changing the look quickly and easily in the future and clearing might be more difficult, but you may be adding value to the item, especially if you get a high-quality job done by a true craftsman in their trade.

Replacing Those Tired Window Dressings

The design is set. Your colors are chosen, the furnishings are covered, but what about those windows? This is another place where you can really add some pizzazz to the room. Complementing the colors and designs, new window dressing can offset or blend into the room, depending on your plan. From blinds to curtains or drapes, the window dressings can really become part of the room if you take the time to plan them out as well. The last minute, "throw some blinds up and call it good," philosophy might work, but it will leave the room looking like it is missing something in the long run.

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