You can't really go wrong when it comes to replacing your windows. That is, no matter what style or material you choose for your window replacement, it is going to be a smart investment that will improve your property. However, you still want to choose a material that will be practical for your needs, within your price range, and easy to take care of. This article explains why fiberglass is such a popular material among interior designers and homeowners. It is becoming a more popular material for residential window sashes, for some very good reasons.

Low Maintenance

If you are mainly interested in a low maintenance product, fiberglass can't be beat. It is a waterproof material which means that it is very easy to take care of when you take into account both interior and exterior maintenance. Most people will just lightly dust their the interior of their sashes, and then spray down the exterior with a hose every once in a while. Fiberglass is a smooth material which doesn't get dirty easily or collect dust.

Homeowners are also appreciated of the fact that fiberglass doesn't need any sort of treatment to keep the sashes waterproof. It doesn't need to be sealed, you should never paint fiberglass, and it doesn't need any special treatment. Basically, fiberglass will be perfectly waterproof when it is installed, and it will be perfectly waterproof 20 years later without any extra maintenance.

Various Styles

But, it is important to point out the fiberglass is not just a practical, utilitarian material. It is also designed to be stylish. Most people think of fiberglass as a plain, white, shiny material, like that used in bathtubs. However, the fiberglass used for the construction of residential windows is decorative, textured, and stylish.

The most decorative, and most expensive, fiberglass windows have faux finishes or prints. These are highly detailed and realistic looking replications of other natural services that are commonly used in window construction. Of course, raw wood is the most common style. But, since wood is not the most practical choice for a window sash, choosing a material like fiberglass has obvious advantages. These finishes are authentic looking, complete with multiple colors, textures, wood grains, knots, and some even have marks from a saw.

As you can see, fiberglass is a popular choice because it offers homeowner the style they want and the maintenance they require. There aren't many other materials that satisfy both so well.