When it comes to interior design, it's natural to think of making drastic changes that require a lot of time and money. However, if you want to transform the appearance of your bedroom, small changes can make a world of difference. Changing just a few things can freshen up your bedroom and make it a welcoming sanctuary you can't wait to walk into each night. 

Change your bedding

If your present bedspread or comforter is a solid color, replace it with a floral or geometric print to give your bedroom an instant facelift. Since the bed is usually the main attraction in the room, switching your bedding to the opposite of what you have currently will make a big impact on the interior design and color of the bedroom. Add a new set of sheets that contrast with the comforter or bedspread to provide an instant splash of refreshing beauty and eye-appealing color. 

Accent the bed with colorful pillows in fun prints. Drape a plush blanket or quilted throw across the foot of the bed to add a touch of comfort. A wooden breakfast tray makes a lovely addition, looks great in any style of bedroom, and can be used for practical or decorative purposes.

Change your window treatments

Do you currently have long drapes in the bedroom? Replace them with roman shades or wooden shutters and watch the room change before your eyes. Different window treatments affect the way sunlight filters through the window and is a natural way to see your bedroom in a new light. Swapping heavy drapes for sheer drapes is another way to change how light is reflected in your bedroom.

Change how your furniture is arranged

If your bed is currently along a wall, consider angling it in a corner for a new look. If your room is large enough, you may want to experiment with placing your bed in the center of the room and arranging other pieces around the perimeter of the room. Swap a small dresser with a nightstand and move the nightstand to a corner of the room to use as an accent table to hold a large vase of cheerful flowers.

It's often the simplest things that add the most beauty to a room. Changing the bedding and window treatments and rearranging the furniture may just be the changes you need to fall in love with your bedroom all over again. Contact professional interior designers for more tips.